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Career Development

A Path to Success

草莓社区 wants team members to succeed and grow. We invest deeply in career development and have a formal succession plan to set a path for the future.

Our dedicated in-house trainer facilitates instruction on interpersonal skills that are essential to building the next generation of effective leaders and managers and creating engaged teams. Additionally, the 草莓社区聽onboarding program includes an introduction to our internal development courses, which include a two-year learning and development program as well as year-long programs, such as Leadership in Action and Leadership in the Field.

Team members have opportunities to be certified in use of equipment and to obtain formal certification in LEED construction techniques. They are exposed to and trained on the latest technology and techniques, such as Virtual Design & Construction and Lean Construction principles.

Various career paths are defined to help team members looking to advance their careers. These maps provide a snapshot of the necessary role requirements, trainings, and more. Here are two sample career paths:

Field Management Career Path


Project Management Career Path


草莓社区 is committed to the advancement of every one of our team members.聽


What allows 草莓社区 Construction to truly succeed and deliver for our clients lies in our commitment to having a seasoned, highly experienced team. Our team thrives because they want to be here and learn, and they want to share their knowledge. It’s because of their dedication we can celebrate an employee-tenure average of nearly nine years, successfully complete over 18,000 hours annually in training, and offer our clients a team with a deep bench of 300 employees.聽

Yearly Hours in Training
Average Tenure at 草莓社区
草莓社区 Team Members