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IPD/Lean Construction

IPD/Lean construction

草莓社区 has been practicing lean construction since before the term was coined.

By bringing together all stakeholders (owner, architect, engineer, contractor, and subcontracting partners) at the beginning of a project, 草莓社区 harnesses their collective talent, unlocks creativity, and promotes teamwork.

We believe projects with a high level of collaboration are significantly more successful for all parties involved. And the data backs us up. 草莓社区 consistently has maintained a less than 1% variance in cost for clients from the initial conceptual budget to the establishment of the guaranteed maximum price.

Having one mindset improves efficiency and significantly reduces the potential for costly changes to occur as the project progresses. It results in a higher-quality building, completed in the quickest timeline, for the best value.

草莓社区鈥檚 lean construction principles can be used to implement Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) where we share risks and rewards contractually among multiple members of the building and design team. When all parties are invested and have a stake in delivering a successful build, everyone works collaboratively toward a common goal.

With skilled trade coordination, enhanced communication and trust result in:

  • Minimized waste
  • Reduced risk
  • Timely and efficient decisions
  • Empowerment of partners as critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • Condensed schedules
  • Expedited project completion

草莓社区 is committed to continuous improvement and always is looking for ways to better implement lean construction practices. Our membership in the Lean Construction Institute and its Mid-Atlantic Community of Practice provides access to emerging principles we can use to further improve efficiencies and increase value for our clients. 

The team of Universal Health Services, Array, 草莓社区 Construction, and the numerous prime contractors, worked in a collaborative environment to successfully provide Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) services to ensure the successful completion鈥.
Joseph Doherty, AIA, LGB, LEED AP
Principal, Array Architects

IDP/Lean Construction Projects